Leadership Team at IJUS

Meet our Executive Committee:

Wil Schulze

Wil Schulze, P.E.

Founder and President
As Founder and President of IJUS, Wil oversees the strategic direction and development. Wil is a Professional Engineer and has been in the utilities industry for over 19 years. In 2017, Wil served on the Executive Committee for the IEEE REPC as Chairman. Through the IJUS CAN initiative, the Schulze family and IJUS support organizations that focus on the wellbeing of the physically disadvantaged. Wil resides in Westerville, Ohio with his family.

Jack Kuttrus

Jack Kuttrus, P.S.

VP of Organizational Development
Jack is registered in several states as a Professional Surveyor. Jack has over 20 years of experience providing program management and business development services specializing in projects that involve large engineering design and utility infrastructure applications. Jack and his family reside in Hilliard, Ohio.

Brenda Sears

Brenda Sears, P.E.

VP of Attachment Services
Brenda is a Professional Engineer registered in seven states. Brenda’s primary responsibilities include originating, maintaining, and managing processes for new clients as well as existing clients. Brenda and her family live in Pickerington, Ohio.

Chris Fluke

Chris Fluke

VP of Design Services
Chris oversees the Distribution Design Services at IJUS and his primary responsibilities include providing program management for new and existing clients, organizing and coordinating with senior utility executives, and expanding new business opportunities.  Chris and his wife currently live just outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Damon Buster

Damon Buster

VP of Technical Services
With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Damon works closely with IJUS Attachment Services and Design Engineering teams. Damon manages the Software Development and GIS teams, responsible for software implementation and process improvement. Damon and his family reside in Columbus, Ohio.